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Custom packaging for tea: the best solution to add value to your blend

Tea is a sophisticated and ancient drink that with the passing of time is becoming an ever more prestigious and refined product, especially as far as raw materials and preservation methods are concerned. Along with the product, packaging for tea is also evolving to grant better protection to blends and to highlight brand identity. Flexible packaging for loose tea or tea bags is an ideal choice: the blend’s precious aroma will be carefully preserved and the custom printed pack will be able to stand out once displayed.

Safety first: what are the must-haves for your pouch?

A delicate and refined product like tea, especially if loose packed, needs eye-catching but also trustworthy packaging. Having a wide range of suppliers, materials, finishes and sizes to choose from, what are the fundamental features to make sure the product will be correctly packaged and preserved?

  • Food contact compliance: if you wish your blend to be safely preserved, choose a material that is certified as suitable for food contact, in other words a material that does not exude dangerous substances for the organism when coming into contact with the packed product. A certification that cannot be overlooked for tea packaging;
  • EVOH barrier: first of all, what is it? An EVOH barrier is, simply, a thin plastic layer coating the internal part of the pack. In this way the aroma of the tea blend is safe: the barrier grants maximum protection against oxygen and moisture;
  • Aluminium barrier: this is the ideal barrier for more sensitive products. Are you afraid that UV rays may alter the properties of tea? The super resistant aluminium layer will take care of the preservation of your precious tea leaves, a great ally against the deterioration of organoleptic properties caused by exposure to light and heat sources;

Choosing certified materials suitable for food contact and provided with a barrier is fundamental to grant the preservation of tea’s organoleptic properties.

Certified materials for tea bags packaging: aroma is safe and sound!

Do you have some doubts about what materials are suitable to pack loose tea or tea bags? Read on! Quality is a crucial element to grant an exceptional product, for this reason always ask for materials’ data sheets and certifications in order to be able to make a conscious decision. Make sure the materials you choose are certified as suitable for food contact and provided with a barrier against oxygen and moisture or an aluminium barrier that can also protect against light and heat.

Aesthetics matters: choose the finish that most fits your product

Does your brand have the environment at heart? Would you like to make your product visible from the outside of the pack? Or are you looking for a packaging able to make your product stand out when displayed? Create your custom packaging for tea choosing the best finish for you:

  • Glossy material: a covering material, ideal to make tea pouches with a glossy effect to enhance vivid and glowing colours in your design;
  • Matte material: a soft textured material with an elegant satinated finish that will make your packaging for tea look extremely sophisticated. The final result? A high covering pack with a matte effect;
  • Recyclable solutions: if you are looking for a sustainable and low environmental impact alternative, you can choose materials made with a recyclable monofilm or recyclable paper;
  • Metallic material: make your pack shine with laminated effects on some parts or on the entire surface of the pouch, you will obtain a unique result that will be the star of the shelf;
  • Transparent materials: you would like your tea blends to be visible from the outside once packed? Make a clear window of your preferred shape and size by choosing a transparent material;
  • Paper materials: ensure your pack comes out with a pleasant to the touch and natural texture by choosing between Recyclable paper and Paper and aluminium.

Recommended choice

Doubts about the size? Here are the best sizes for tea packaging

Lightness and space optimization are two of the main features that make flexible packs a great choice for tea bags or loose tea packaging. You will be able to make the most of the capacity of your custom printed pouches for tea, to make the packs resealable and packed product reusable over time by adding a ziplock and easily display them on shelves or stands by selecting a eurohole. The question is, what are the most suitable sizes? Choosing the best size on the basis of your needs can be difficult, especially if it is the first time you use stand up or flat pouches to pack your product. Not to worry! To help you in this hard choice, we will propose some of the most popular sizes in the tea and herbal infusions industry, have a look and choose the one that fits your needs:

  • Stand up pouch 12x18,5x7 cm: this is one of the most popular sizes, ideal to contain up to 100 gr of loose tea. A compact but spacious size, it will take up little space on the shelves of your shop and in your customers’ cupboards;
  • Stand up pouch 13x22x8 cm: this is an intermediate size that can contain up to 180 gr of tea leaves. A good compromise that will allow you to optimise packaging space;
  • Stand up pouch 16x22x8cm: do you need more space? This is the right size for you, great to contain between 200 gr and 220 gr of loose tea.
  • Stand up pouch 18x21x8cm: this size is suitable to pack a bigger quantity of tea bags or loose tea. The perfect choice for brands that look after those customers who usually stock up on their favourite infusion!

The most popular sizes to pack tea and infusions

A design for each tea blend: the benefits of multi-subject printing
You have already decided that the amount of loose tea you would like to pack in each pouch is going to be the same and for all the pouches you have chosen the same features and material. However, you would like to customise your pouches with a unique design for each tea blend you produce, easy peasy! Choosing the same pouch size on Flexie you can print up to 20 different designs. But what does “printing different design files” mean? Multi-subject printing is an ideal printing technique to manage product ranges, variants, flavors and limited editions. Every graphic file  includes the design that will be then printed on the entire surface of the pack (front, back and gusset), you will be able to make an exclusive look for your tea blend, making them unique and easily identifiable by your customers. You can obtain this result by simply placing just one order and selecting the number of designs that you wish to print, it can’t get easier than that! Play it safe, have a look at the step by step tutorial that you will find below.

How to place an order for tea packaging choosing Multi-subject printing

  • Welcome to Flexie’ Home! To start click on “Customise your pouch” in the menu above and choose “Design offline”, this is the customisation mode that will allow you to upload more than one graphic file in your order
  • Choose the size you are interested in and click on “Customize the pouch”. In each product page you will also have the possibility to download our template to make your graphic files
  • Set up the product
  • Select the feature (choosing among ziplock, eurohole, ziplock and eurohole or none)
  • Choose the preferred material
  • Select the number of different graphic files to print (up to 10 with the free account, up to 20 with our Exclusive Plan). Now you will see all the prices per piece divided by quantity ranges
  • Select the total quantity of pouches you would like to order and then click on “Add to Cart”
  • All the designs will be equally distributed on the total quantity (e.g. ordering 100 pouches with 2 different designs you will obtain 50 pouches printed with one design and 50 pouches with the other)
  • If you wish to customise the quantity of pouch per design it will be necessary to upgrade to our Exclusive plan
  • It’s time to upload your graphic files! Upload the files one by one, add the advanced file verification if necessary and click on “Got to cart”
  • Your files are not ready yet? No worries, select “Buy now and upload your file later”, in this way you will be able to place the order and upload the graphic files in your personal area once they are ready.
  • Now you can place your order. Add your billing and delivery details and pay using Paypal, bank transfer or Credit/Debit Card.

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