Bags for coffee: Wake up! The coffee packaging has changed!

Ground, beans, macchiato, americano: Whenever is your taste, start your day in a good way with a nice cup of coffee! We talk about a ritual that puts together millions of people, a product which is one of the best seller in the world.   

For this reason we offer you an innovative solution for making the pleasure of coffee even more special. The Stand up pouches are used for flexible packaging and offer a lot of advantages compared to traditional packaging in the coffee’s packaging market: it uses less material but with the same capability. What does this means? A coffee packaging smaller and lighter gives the possibility to reduce delivery and storage’s costs. 

That’s not all: the practical zip lock allow easiest use for the final consumer, that can close the bag every time he wants without the coffee lost its aroma.

Stand up pouches: the right bag for your coffee!

Today the role of coffee’s packaging it’s very important from a communicative point of view. The stand up pouch has the whole surface totally customisable and you can add optional to make it even more functional. 

The coffee bag can be resealable, with a zip lock that allow you to close it again once open. This means that you don’t have to put the coffee in another jar to store it. You don’t have to throw away the packaging as it can be used to store it on the shelf of your kitchen and use it multiple times. 

But that’s not all,  because the coffee’s stand up pouch can be realised with double material with foil to ensure the perfect preservation of the products and maintain it. The foil barrier gives protection against UV rays, water, light, oxygen and moisture: the coffee will keep its organoleptic properties intact and it will retain its aroma for a long time!  

But the real innovation is the possibility to customise it, with the most up to date digital print technique. Indeed, today it’s possible to print coffee packaging with different design (multi-subject, mosaic, variable data printing) without running into high costs and long wait. It is possible to make targeted campaign ( ex. customised packaging for each customers), special edition for a celebration or  packaging that highlight the different product’s characteristics , for example different coffee qualities. 

In conclusion, the stand up pouch it’s an innovative news that join practicality, efficiency and creativity, fundamental elements for everyone that want be different and give the right value to their own product, in a market which gets bigger and more crowded every day.

Stand up pouch for coffee in paper and foil

The material proposed (paper and foil) makes a good neutral base for the design and allows to realise unique personalised bags. In addition, the paper gives to the coffee’s packaging a nice texture that gives a hit to the bag. This material is equipped with a foil barrier, that as mention before, gives protection against UV rays, oxygen and moisture. 

Stand up pouch for coffee in metallic material

The metallic material, always equipped with a foil barrier, it’s a good alternative to the paper one. This material, allows to realise a glossy design or a metallic design on some portion of the bag or the whole surface. Perfect for a design with gold or silver effect. 

How to make your coffee bag on Flexie

You just need to identify the size and then choose the material paper and foil or the metallic ones directly on the product page. To identify the perfect size it’s always recommendable to do filling tests, however below you can find some advise on the most used sizes.

Coffee beans

Pack of 250g – Stand up pouch 16x22x8 or 18x21x8

Pack of 350g – Stand up pouch 18x27x8

Pack of 500g – Stand up pouch 22x27x8

Pack of 700g – Stand up pouch 22x31x8

Pack of 1kg – Stand up pouch 26×29,5×8

Ground coffee

Pack of 250g – Stand up pouch 16x22x8

Pack of 350g – Stand up pouch 18x21x8

Pack of 500g – Stand up pouch 18x27x8

Pack of 700g – Stand up pouch 22x27x8

Pack of 1kg – Stand up pouch 22x31x8

Pack of 1,25kg – Stand up pouch 26×29,5×8

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