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Flexie is born from a simple state of mind: the need to go straight to the point! Having worked for many years in the flexible packaging industry we realized that a faster and more direct service was needed, from that insight we built a simple and an always connected platform.
We’re a next-gen flexible packaging service, a direct link between customers needs and an efficient production plant. We work side-by-side with our clients, creating high quality solutions that always guarantee the best performance in a brand new way.

We are litterally

The "whole package"

We care both about your product and the planet! Our offer includes certified quality materials and sustainable solutions that encourage you to make greener choices.

Starting from your idea, we’ll work hard to figure out a great packaging solution that best fits your needs.

We support ambitious realities of any size, enhancing their potential through a distinctive packaging. We look at every project in its entirety, offering technical and business advices, and creative insights that will help your business look great.

Cutting-edge technology combined with expertise

We accelerated the process while maintaining peak performances

 Innovation allowed us to optimize production times without lacking in quality. Unlike many, we apply the newest technologies to a well-oiled production model. This allows us to offer a competitive and state-of-the-art service, ensuring maximum accuracy throughout all stages of packaging creation.

Print experts and adventurous creatives

A fine balance between creativity and technical design, combined with the high standards of HD digital printing, is what you need to create a standout packaging

We use the best tools in order to achieve amazing results in terms of visual design and print performance. Thanks to our broad experience, we can make structural and graphic design solutions work together to help your product look great.

Discover our team


We constantly update the platform to offer you the best possible experience


We take your goals into account and offer all the guarantees you need


We build strong relations to support your business and make you earn points

Customer service

We are ready to answer all your requests with immediate solutions

Graphics area

We have the tools you need to create your creative visions in the best possible way


We shape your projects with passion and expertise

Behind Flexie

A company with a strong know-how, invests on an innovative idea to extend its scope. That’s how Flexie comes to life. The first platform for flexible packaging online customisation to be launched.
Years of experience
Sqm - structure
Professionals at work

Flexie leads the Pack!

We are constantly striving to improve our products design and quality and this approach is at the root of both ours and our customers’ success.
We believe that high quality and dedication always get the recognition they deserve. By choosing Flexie, you can really make a difference and enhance your brand with the best packaging ever.

Precious finishes and a refined design for award-winning results!

Flexie earned the gold medal in the Packaging Design category at the Indigo Design Award 2020 in partnership with HUD Agency.

Indigo Design Award 2020

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