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Custom flat barrier pouches, digitally printed in 9 days!

Choose your custom 3 side seal pouches, upload your design, order online and received them in 9 working days!

  • No minimum order: from 10 bags to large production
  • Blazing-fast delivery: Priority in 9 working days
  • Multidesign printing: manage up to 20 SKUs in a single order
  • Oxygen and Moisture barrier films, ziplock and hang hole versions available
Flat pouch sizes

Select the flat pouch to be customised

Find the ideal sieze among our standards according to your packaging requirements:

Ziplock or not?

Complete your pouch with zip or hang hole

Every flat pouch is provided with easy open feature to make them handier. Choose between the resealable flat bag version adding the ziplock or complete your custom 3 side seal pouch adding the euro hole to hang it on a display

Resealable zipper

If your product is conceived for a repeated consumption, add the zip to open and close it whenever you want

Euro hole

Add a practical and easy-to-use hole on the upper side to hang the bag on display and other stands

Flat pouch packaging

Why choose Flexie for your custom printed pouches?

We love satisfying all companies’ needs offering the best quality service. Thanks to our HD Digital Printing, we can ensure short runs, on-demand ordering, the fastest going to market to all sizes companies.

  • Start up & New brands: printing test and product launch, from 10 pieces
  • Small & medium businesses: multiple SKUs in one order, stock reduction, on-demand ordering
  • Large businesses: one to one marketing, promotional, events
Starting from € 0,37 per piece

Mylar foil ziplock bags for food packaging

Our ziplock foil bags are ideal for food products thanks to oxygen and moisture barrier or aluminium. Choose them for packing single-serve products such as snacks, sauces, condiments, powdered preparations, spices, etc.

Starting from € 0,37 per piece

Printed aluminium foil pouches ideal for pet food

Use our heat seal foil bags to pack dog treat, biscuits, animal feed, seeds, dog toys, chemicals or gardening products

Starting from € 0,37 per piece

Custom printed mylar bags for beauty and cosmetic products

The mylar flat bag is the most used format to package beauty masks and other single-dose cosmetic products such as soaps, bath salts, etc.

Starting from € 0,37 per piece

Flat bags for accessories and fancy products

The three side seal bag, provided with ziplock or euro hole, is handy and versatile. Use it for packing gadget, t-shirt, electronic components, etc.

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