Flexmate Fidelity Programme

We make you earn points!

We introduce you our Fidelity Programme

An including programme that rewards you at every purchase!

  • All Flexie customers are included in our programme!
  • Earn 1 point every € 50 spent on pouches. Every point is worth € 1
  • You can use your rewards evertyime
  • The points result in immediate discount at your cart

The milestones you can reach

Beyond standard rewards, lots of extra points for you!

  • All customers after the sign up on our website obtain their first 10 points
  • Every 1000 € spent on our website you will gain 10 extra points
  • Every two orders carried out on our website you will earn 10 extra points

If you have any doubts, contact us

  • Chat with us
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  • Support Department: help@flexie.it
    Contact us to get information about the shipping or the status of your order
  • Marketing Department: marketing@flexie.it
    Contact us for quotes, partnerships, information about fidelity and enterprise service

How can I access the programme?

You just need to sign up to our website!

Afetr the registration, all customers obtain their first 10 points. On your first order you'll gain already the points based on the value of your order.

When the points are assigned to you?

We need to separate between standard and extra rewards:

Standard points: they are assigned based on the value of the order. 1 point will be awarded for every € 50 euro spent.

Extra points: they are assigned on "special" occasions:

- At the registration our website 10 points

- Every 2 orders: 10 points

- Every € 1000: 10 points

Every point is worth € 1.

How the points are assigned to you?

Automatically! Based on the expenses you have made, as soon as your order is completed, the system will credit your account with the points earned.

On what basis are the points calculated?

The points to be assigned to each order are calculated on the total order net of discounts and VAT.

How will you see the points balance?

Access the section My points from your reserved area and get the points you have earned.

When your points will expire?

The points are valid for 365 days from when they have been assigned to you. You have time enough, but don't make them expire!

Can I use my points with other promotions?

Generally the points are combinable with other promotional offers. Every promotion has their own terms and conditions, so rules can differ from different promotions. Each time it will be necessary verify this aspect.

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