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Our graphic department is highly qualify and it’s always available to support your needs. If you have any doubt about your graphic file choose the Plus check. If you haven’t a design ready to be printed and you aren’t able to rely on a designer or an agency, entrust Flexie Graphic Service

Advanced check of your print file

Basic service

€ 0,00 + VAT


Our graphic department will check the uploaded print file for free to ensure it has no issues. If the graphic file is incorrect you’ll be contacted by e-mail with more information and will be required to upload the right file on your reserved area.If the file is correct we will automatically proceed to print.

The Basic service checks:

Advanced check of your print file

Plus service

€ 15,00 + VAT


The advanced check is an additional charge service available on each order for who wants a deeper check. This service is free only for the members subscribed to one of our plan. After the purchase of the Plus service, we’ll provide to check your file and send our examination’s details by e-mail.

The Plus service checks:

Graphic template

Basic Design

€ 120,00 + VAT

Graphic proposal made from the basic scheme provided by customer, including texts and images layout.

Packaging design

Advanced Design

On demand

One or more graphic proposal made from the basic brief provided by customer, suggestions of format, materials, optional and printing type to get your packaging to the new level!

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