1. The Template

The base for your design

Download the template in PDF or AI format and customise your design as you like. This is how the template will look like:

    Cut line

Indicates the final cut on the bag. We advise you to keep the important information as the logo or text, at least at a minimum distance of 3mm from this line. 


Indicate the area where the bag seals will be made. The design inserted in this area will be clearly visible, but we recommend that you insert important information, such as logos or texts, at a distance of at least 3mm.

   Black Mark

The black and white notches placed at the cutting line indicate where to make the cut. Don’t modify or delete the “Black mark” layer!

    Bleed line 

Indicates the bleed beyond the cut line, present for the entire diameter of the art board. It is necessary to upload the design up to this line. 

    Resealable zip

Indicate the area where the zip lock will be inserted, if you choose it as a optional. The design upload in this area will be clearly visible, but we recommend that you insert important information, such as logos or texts, at a distance of at least 3 mm.

    Easy open

Indicates where the cut will be made to facilitate the opening of the bag. We recommend not to insert any wording line with this element, as its position in production could vary by 3/4 mm. 

Save the document in pdf format without modifying it!

  • Keep the orientation of the template unchanged, which must remain horizontal
  • Keep the document size (artboard) unchanged
  • Do not unlock or modify the Template and Black Mark layers
  • Enter the design on the Artwork layer only
  • Always keep the layers separate
  • Use only process colors (CMYK). Do not use or modify the spot color swatches of the Template layer
  • Expand fonts, embed images and set any selective white
  • Save the document in "Typographical Quality" pdf format in 1: 1 scale, not password protected, without registration marks and bleeds.

Download the Illustrator template

2. Correct file management

Make your print file entirely with Illustrator

  • Download the Flexie PDF or AI template and customize your bag
  • Enter the design on the Artwork layer and manage any selective white
  • Expand fonts, embed images and save the file in pdf format

3. Management of texts and images

All text within the design must be expanded and images incorporated

The texts must be converted into a path to avoid the loss of the font used and the variation of the desired aesthetic appearance. All images used must be in high resolution (300dpi) and converted to full colour (CMYK). They also must also be incorporated into the document to allow the file to be opened without data loss.

How to convert text to path

How to embed images

4. Management of selective white

Correctly handle windows or metallic areas

In order to make windows or metallic areas on the bag, the management of the selective white is necessary, a layer of a white colour that is printed under the graphic elements that must remain visible or non-metallic. Follow the guidelines below:

How to make windows

The transparent material is the only one that allow windows to make visible the product inside the bag. To obtain a correct window you need to manage correctly the selective white, the level of white printed under the graphic elements that need to remain visible. 


To avoid that the design on the bag will be clear you must follow the steps below: 

How to make metallic designs

The metallic material  PET/ALU/PE is the only material where is possible to make foil effect. To create this effect is used the aluminium inside the material. To obtain a correct metallic effect you need to use the selective white, the white level under the graphic elements that don't need to be metallic, in one of this following mode:

1) If you want to have all bag metallic, it is not necessary the management of the selective white;

2) If you want to make some metallic elements, it is necessary to manage the selective white as indicate below:

5. Gestione del testo variabile

Stampa ogni busta con un messaggio differente

Grazie alla stampa con testo variabile, hai la possibilità di inserire testi differenti su ogni busta. Per gestire questo tipo di personalizzazione è necessario seguire i passi indicati di seguito o nel video.


Our graphics department will always carry out a basic verification of the file

The design department Flexie will check the file received in order to avoid problems regarding:

– Missing font and non-expanded texts 
– Low resolution images , in RGB or corrupt
– Plenty printing assistance
– Mismanagement of the selective white

In case you want a more accurate verification or changes to the file by our graphic department, you will need to purchase the Advanced File Verification. For more information visit the Graphic Service page. 

For assistance or more information please contact our department by email at design@flexie.it.

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