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Artisanal products only coming from controlled supply chains: this is the foundation of the project that over time has drastically changed the classic idea of bakery, also creating concurrent spin-offs. Here’s how Forno Brisa gave life to an inclusive business in which – investors, employees, partners – cooperate to achieve an even more ambitious goal: shape their dreams.
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Feed the revolution with Forno Brisa

The company in short

The happy company

Initially focused on the product, through an attentive control on the entire supply chain, Forno Brisa invested in different spin-offs, from the roastery to the chocolate lab and the advertising agency.

Forno Brisa was created in 2015 from a concept conceived by Pasquale Polito and Davide Sarti that in a few years gave life to an incubator of ever new projects, revolutionising the classic idea of bakery.
Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign between 2019 and 2020 they managed to acquire 375 new associates.

Today Forno, apart from selling online in Italy and in some European areas, has 4 stores in Bologna, a centralised production laboratory, a roastery to roast specialty coffee and a “from bean to bar” chocolate lab.

“La nuova linfa, che affluisce dal team in crescita costante e dalle relazioni che si vengono a creare, permette che stimoli sempre nuovi influenzino la crescita”

Pasquale Polito:

Co-Founder, Forno Brisa

Interview with Forno Brisa

Who your product is intended for?

“In our stores we aim at a neighborhood public that varies on the basis of the product, coffee or pizza are mainly chosen by a young target, on the other hand bread is families’ favorite”. This is how Davide Sarti, Co-Founder, outlines which are Forno Brisa’s customers. In general, online Forno is usually chosen by artisanal products lovers that have sustainability at heart.

What makes your brand unique?

Pasquale Polito, Co-Founder, tells us Forno Brisa’s secret. The brand mainly stands out for “its constant effort towards innovation, unstoppable dynamism and thirst for change. The feature that distinguishes our brand is the ability to be flexible, but always pivoting on clear core values and identity.”

The tendency to be versitile is also reflected in the great variety of offered products: from chocolate, to coffee, bread, pizza and typical products like panettoni and colombe.

Why did you choose Flexie?

Forno Brisa has found the platform while doing some online research and decided to choose Flexie for their clear information about materials recyclability and for the many customisation possibilities.

As stated by Davide Sarti and Pasquale Polito, Founders of Forno Brisa, “among the reasons that led us to cooperate with Flexie there are the great materials range, among which a good selection of recyclable solutions; the chance to print more graphic files on one pouch size in the same order; the kindness and helpfulness of the Graphic and Marketing Departments and the fact that you are Italian and we liked the idea of not having to relocate production abroad”.

What if Flexie was an emoji?

“Siamo convinti che la qualità di un prodotto artigianale sia strettamente legata all'estetica di un prodotto artistico e che ogni manufatto alimentare richieda un vestito all'altezza”

Davide Sarti:

Co-Founder, Forno Brisa


Stand up pouch and flat bag

Rewrite the rules:out of the box pouches with an extraordinary twist.

12x18,5x7 cm and 9x18 cm sizes

Versatile sizes that are ideal to pack every kind of product, from coffee beans to chocolate bars.

Recyclable paper & recyclable transp.

Sustainable solutions that grant perfect product protection and preservation.

Resealable ziplock

Customised with resealable ziplock, the pouches facilitate the repeated use of the products over time.

Multi-subject printing

Multi-subject printing allowed the management of different flavors of product and limited edition designs in just one order.

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